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your varying bod mass also. However, time to time. Your total number of fat might even shock you at first. But do not worry. As stated above, you will be needing 65-75% of fat in order to stay in Ketosis. Know your Keto Macros You can be your very own Ketogenic macro calculator. However, the calculation of your Keto macros above may not be 100% accurate. If you wish to have it double checked, you can consult an online Keto macro calculator. Since going on a Ketogenic diet will also make you lose weight, you will also have to check and adjust your macros to make your daily macro intake more conducive for your current body mass. The 2-week diet program has helped both men and women lose weight. It has even made a few members get abs as well not bad! This program made a woman who was 205 pounds with 31% body fat transform into 170 pounds in 2