You can wrap the candle’s base with tissue paper

the wind. Wind can alter the flame and cause your candle to burn irregularly. Four. You should also make sure your candles are not exposed to sunlight or indoor lighting. This can cause the candle’s shades to fade. 5., foil, or aluminum foil if it is too thin to fit in the holder. 6. You can place the candle in the freezer for several hours to loosen the wax. It’s the joy of meeting, talking and finally connecting with people I’ve only just met in the past 15 minutes that is my favorite joy. I love to meet people, and I love to study them. Every time I talk with someone, I learn something new. That is the beauty of all of it. You don’t just meet a girl friend. The man or lady you meet may become a lifetime partner, a capable business enterprise partner, or a great friend. I simply love the “thrill and the search” – It is like a drug every single time! It could be the testosterone pumping through me or my competitive nature. Whatever it is, it always puts a smile in my face. In my view, dating is all about being more effective communicators. This is not all. It’s about simple concepts that can shape the way we interact with one another. Enjoy is where my mind, my words, my behavior, my conduct and my values are formed. Mahatma Buddha could not have stated it better. My aim is to encourage men in becoming stronger communicators and better partners.