worldwide epidemic that every 2nd person

irritability, and depression. Not to mention, swelling of the breasts in men. Obesity has become such a has a mindset in which they have a rising need to lose weight in order to retain a healthy lifestyle with longevity. Sometimes, trying to lose weight can become quite overwhelming and we may feel as if everything we are doing is right yet all our efforts seem to go in vain. What really happens is that people often hinder their own progress by following impractical and outdated advice. Here are a few commons mistakes/misconceptions about losing fat:- Eating too little or eating too many calories We have the notion that skipping meals will help us to burn calories while at the same time prevent their intake as well.However, skipping meals only increases our appetite further, due to which we tend to binge or overeat and end up eating many more calories as usual. Not exercising or exercising too much Some of us believe that we can reduce our belly fat by just maintaining a healthy diet or only by following a strict workout regimen.Both of those opinions could not be any more wrong. Diet and exercise both play a very important role in burning our fat and we need to keep a hold on both in order to reduce fat quickly.If we exercise too much and don’t eat a proper diet, we lose precious muscle mass and if we eat too much and exercise too little, that reduces our metabolism, which is not–musclemag-worldwide-01-11