The internet now offers them the chance

culture. to share that joy. Mexico has more human beings that Germany, France and Italy combined. Only a quarter of a million owned domain calls reflecting their heritage. This is in a country of over thirty million people online. Godaddy.Com and other large domain registrars saw the potential and built new sections to support their commercial venture. Even so, a whimsical and non-scientific look at the area registries suggests that many more exciting domain names are yet to be registered. Consider, for example, “fecha da nacimiento”, which is the date of birth; “ropa Usada”, which is all people who are familiar with border u S. A. The regulation states that “used garb” is crucial in the area. Surprisingly, all those Spanish terms were already taken over by Dot-Com. Dot-Mx is already a Dot-Com. How long do you remember it taking? A few English words that aren’t commonly