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only one of them, it won’t show much improvement, as eating right and exercising well go hand in hand. a proper diet plan and think that only exercising will cause weight loss. But, a diet plan is as important as your work-out regime, as it controls your calorie intake according to the calories burnt, so you can achieve your weight goals faster. Your weight loss diet will depend on a number of factors, like your gender, age, work-out plan, your metabolism rate, and more. So, it is recommended that you consult a dietician or a nutritionist rather than relying on other sources, as it won’t be effective, and sometimes may even be harmful. Nevertheless, here are 5 unique diet plans followed by people that you can read about: 1. The Cotton Ball Diet Yes, you read it right. People go to insane lengths when it comes to weight loss. The cotton ball diet is no less. A person on this diet would ingest cotton balls. Like for real! This strange diet involves soaking up to 4-5 cotton balls in juice before swallowing them in hopes to curb hunger. Cotton balls may have zero calories and maybe bite-sized, but they have dangerous medical repercussions. To make things worse, this diet can deprive the person of nutrients. In such a state, the skin and hair suffer too. 2. The Cabbage Soup Diet The cabbage soup diet may not sound as bizarre as the previous diet, but if you like variety, then this diet is definitely not for