reading this article which I have placed a link

looking for ways to lose weight when I stumbled upon an ad for something called (RED TEA DETOX). After to down below, I can remember thinking to myself, “oh boy here we go again” something promising you-you’ll be able to lose weight, something you could actually make right in your own kitchen, but because of the fact that it was inexpensive unlike most of the dietary supplements as you all should know, many of them can range anywhere from $50 to $100, ” those prices can really add up over time ” especially if you’re someone who is always trying to lose weight you could wind up spending hundreds of dollars ” and who has that kind of money to spend these days”. So naturally, the thought of being able to lose weight for a fraction of what I was used to spending intrigued me and I already had some of the ingredients in my kitchen. I finally decided to go ahead and give it a try, now for the first month I didn’t notice any change now mind you I already eat very healthily as I am a vegan. So I was expecting to see results rather fast and after 30 days I was beginning to become a little discouraged, then one day I had a doctor’s appointment a foot doctors appointment and just like they always do at the doctor’s they weighed me. To my surprise I had actually lost 10 pounds I guess I didn’t notice because I did not own a scale I was just going by the way I looked in the mirror I didn’t see a difference some of my clothes fit a little looser but then other things I wore seem to fit the same way so that threw me off. So now I was psyched and told myself “the tea must be