Penis Odor? It’s Those Damn Apocrine Glands

Whew! If a guy needs to open a window each time he takes to the air his pants, it is fair to say that he has a extreme penis odor trouble. As penis fitness issues move, penis smell is one of the greater not unusual. Because a person is less aware of his very own physical aromas, he may additionally very well no longer realise he has a terrible penis scent problem – but his partner does, and that can effect said associate’s willingness to interact in intercourse (specially, although now not exclusively, oral sex). And despite the fact that there may be multiple motives for penis smell, one in every of them boils down to the simple presence of apocrine glands.

Apo-what glands?

A gland is a set of cells that get collectively to take substances (like hormones) and synthesize them so they may be released into the bloodstream or somewhere else, along with on top of the skin. Most sweat glands in humans are referred to as eccrine glands, however there’s some other elegance of sweat glands – the apocrine glands – which cowl less of the body, and are especially noteworthy for being the glands located inside the armpits and the crotch.

What’s special approximately apocrine glands? Well, various of things, however certainly one of their maximum extraordinary traits is that, inside the armpits and crotch, the sweat that they produce has a profound scent. The eccrine glands on your forearms, as an instance, do not have the identical powerful smell because the apocrine glands close to your penis.

Interestingly, while a person is still a fetus, most of their glands are apocrine; they best get changed out to mostly eccrine after five or six months. And despite the fact that a person is born with scent-geared up apocrine glands simply ready to provide painfully stinky odors, they do not start doing this till hormonal changes set in throughout puberty.


Actually, it is wrong to say that the apocrine glands produce truely rank smelling sweat; the fluid they secrete is sincerely odorless. But it’s miles incredibly attractive to micro organism which feed on it and bring the breath-taking penis smell that the companions of far too many men are familiar with.

Okay, so it’s the presence of apocrine glands on and close to the penis and balls that acts as a siren call to micro organism which in flip brings approximately a stench country in the crotch. What’s a guy imagined to do?

The apocrine glands play an critical function inside the body, so even if it have been viable to without problems put off them, a man shouldn’t do it. Therefore, it pays to take steps to decrease or dispose of the sweat and/or the micro organism that feed on the sweat. There are several methods of doing this.

– Shower or bathe. This should not want to be stated (but one way or the other it still does want to be), but guys, it is vital to scrub the penis and balls regularly. Many guys want to bathe every day – and those who exert numerous physical energy and therefore sweat lots (via going to the health club, lifting heavy items, going for walks, and so forth.) may also need to shower more than once day.

– Wear free-fitting underclothes and trousers. Tighty whiteys can also show off the package deal, however they also up the warmth quotient and purpose more sweat. Loose becoming cotton boxers are a higher alternative while combating penis smell.