Penile Schwannoma Could Disfigure a Handsome Penis

Beauty is best skin deep, but in terms of having a handsome penis, that can be deep sufficient. Penis fitness is, of course, a great deal greater essential than the physical look of a member, however the truth stays that a handsome penis is going to elicit appreciably greater interest among partners and specially among capacity partners. Thus while some thing comes alongside that interferes with its appearance, it is able to be a detriment to a person and his intercourse existence. This can easily be the case with the advent of a penile Schwannoma, that can purpose a disfiguring appearance to a healthy penis.


Most humans have by no means heard of a penile Schwannoma, or of a Schwannoma of any kind, and with desirable cause: it is pretty rare. But rare is small comfort if a man takes place to be one of those few whose penis is host to a Schwannoma.

But what’s a Schwannoma anyway? To answer that, one ought to realize a bit bit approximately nerves. Most people recognise that nerves are the parts of the frame that pick up stimuli – which includes a touch, and ship a message lower back to the brain, hence prompting a reaction. (The penis has in particular sensitive nerves, that is what makes touching or fondling it so fun.) each nerve inside the frame additionally has what is referred to as a nerve sheath, which is largely a layer of protective tissue which keeps the nerves safe.

When a person has a Schwannoma, it approach that a tumor has developed in a section of nerve sheaths. This takes place most effective in nerve sheaths which might be part of the peripheral nervous device, that means that they are no longer directly in the brain or inside the spinal wire.

That sounds horrible, however the desirable news is that Schwannoma are benign tumors, not cancerous. But they’ll be followed through a burning or stinging sensation or, alternatively, by using numbness – neither of which is wanted inside the penis.

And they could disfigure a good-looking penis due to the fact those tumors can once in a while get pretty huge. A very small one may simply appear like a little bump, but large ones can be several inches in size – difficult to ignore, even on a simply huge penis. Even when they may be no longer causing soreness while the penis is at rest, they regularly can become painful all through intercourse – and if too massive, could make penetration impossible.

What to do

If a person has what he thinks can be a Schwannoma on his penis, he have to genuinely take a trip to the physician and get a right diagnosis. If it is determined that the lump is Schwannoma, the simplest real treatment option is surgical excision. This is usually not a tough surgical operation, and once in a while requires just a local anesthetic. There is, however, threat of nerve damage because the removal of the Schwannoma may want to require impacting the nerve beneath the sheath.

If the tumor may be very small land isn’t always causing pain or pain, the physician may also propose in reality tracking the lump. Although typically benign, if for a few reason a health practitioner suspects it could be malignant, but, then he’ll advocate removal even if it’s far inflicting no bodily issues.

Removing a Schwannoma may restore a good-looking penis to its former country, however it nonetheless desires it health attended to. Regular application of a top drawer penis health oil (fitness professionals endorse Man 1 Man Oil , that is clinically confirmed moderate and secure for pores and skin) can assist. In order to provide the penis surest blessings, the bets oil will include a number vitamins, inclusive of A, B5, C, D and E. And it helps if the oil includes L-carnitine, an amino acid which aids in retaining suitable penis sensitivity.