It became loopy and funny

season camp fully motivated to teach us some cheers. Their first lesson consisted entirely of nonsense words.. Let’s try it! What was it implying? Nothing. My Algebra teacher demanded that all students memorize a formula. I raised my hand to ask what it meant. “Don’t worry about that,” she said. stated. “Just memorize it now. We will look into it later.” The formula could be sung, much like the nonsense song we heard at the pep rally. And what did it all mean? Nothing. It became loopy but it was still a good laugh. It’s fun and interesting to learn musical words even though it isn’t very intuitive. Although many Beatles fans are able to sing the French words for “Michelle” from recollection, they don’t understand what they mean. Thousands of elementary school students sing Frere Jacques year after year without knowing the lyrics. They can only fluently consider the phrases but