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plate normal portions a little more. It can also trim the excess caloric intake. You can eat great numbers without having to make the needle move towards the right scales. 2. Choose carbohydrates containing plenty of fiber, such as whole wheat While fulfilling the desires of the self who always want to eat, it’s you with food made from whole wheat (whole wheat). Try to replace the everyday staple foods such as white rice or fresh bread, whole wheat bread and rice with red. Food made from wheat and grains are safe if eaten in great numbers. In addition, the fiber in oats can make your body’s satiety durable, so it can be a powerful way to lose weight. 3. Replace sugary foods with a healthier alternative to other Reducing sugar is one of the rules that must be applied as a method of losing weight. For those of you who love the hobby and packed, this may prove difficult. But no need to worry, you can still eat sugary foods by replacing sugar with natural sweeteners such as stevia sweetener from the leaves. Plant stevia natural sweetener it is sugar free and contains zero calories, suitable for diabetics and for those of you who are on a diet. In addition, the leaves of stevia have content of taste sweeter than sugar, so fit, healthy and safe for those of you who like to eat sugary