Does a Vegan Diet Strengthen an Erect Penis?

Penis health is set so much more than just having a good strong erect penis. But having said that, having a good robust erect penis is something every man definitely desires. That’s one cause why the “little blue tablet” industry has come to be so successful, and why many guys have invested in natural supplements which might be notion to make a person “greater manly” within the bed room. Recently, the internet lit up with pieces proclaiming that a vegan weight loss plan can be a route to a stronger erect penis. It’s really worth looking into this claim to see what is at the back of it.

The context

The foundation for most of those articles seems to be a Netflix documentary referred to as “The Game Changers.” This documentary focused on blessings of vegetarian and vegan diets in lots of specific regions. In one part of the documentary, a health practitioner (who happens to be the writer of a e-book referred to as “The Penis Book”) plays a look at on 3 men, all of whom are university athletes.

On two consecutive nights, he examines the girth, power and period of their erect penis while they sleep. On the primary night time, the athletes are given a meat-based meal for dinner; on the subsequent night time, a plant-based one. When he examined the consequences, the doctors observed that their erections had been eight% harder and several hundred percentage longer lasting after eating the vegan meal.

Armed with this information, the word went out that a vegan food regimen is THE way for a person to get the maximum out of his erect penis.


While the results are undoubtedly thrilling, it is a chunk untimely to assert that this proves a vegan food plan is right for the erect penis. For one thing, it most effective looks at three men – and at 3 guys who’re all basically the same age and in desirable physical situation. It handiest looks at two nights and would not think about viable confounding elements inclusive of what each man ate past dinner every night, what physical or mental sports they had been worried with during the day, and many others.

In different phrases, the study can also certainly be onto some thing in promoting a vegan eating regimen for erect penis health – however a long way more research is needed before that may be regularly occurring as reality.

There are some logical reasons, of route, for assuming that a vegan eating regimen may want to have a benefit for the erect penis. Plant-primarily based diets ten d to be a good deal decrease in cholesterol and saturated fat, and this may be a boon in phrases of penile blood go with the flow and cardiac health. Vegetarian and vegan diets tend to help with high blood strain as well, which may be an erection killer.

Basically, the better average fitness a person has (and in particular cardiac fitness), the more likely he goes to be to have more potent erections and fewer erectile problems. A lifestyle that consists of a right food regimen, adequate workout and methods of eliminating or decreasing stress is going toi be beneficial to his sexual fitness as well.

Men who do don’t forget switching from a meat-based weight-reduction plan to a vegan weight loss program must first visit their doctors. It can be great to make the switch progressively as opposed to suddenly.