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riding experience. The elbow guards and chest protectors are all important pieces of dust motorcycle riding equipment. These are great, but their primary purpose is to protect you in an accident or fall. I cannot count the number of times my feet have collided with rocks, stumps, logs, etc. It didn’t result in a crash but could have caused a foot injury if I hadn’t been wearing MX-using boots. A dirt motorbike’s foot pegs can cause serious injuries. A foot peg is basically an aluminum piece that is jagged and pointed. It provides a non-slip surface. The combination of a pair of MX riding boots and a sharp peg can make your riding feel more connected. You’ll be aware of how close your calf gets to the peg if you’ve ever tried to kickstart a dirt bike with normal work boots. One lady I know has a very unpleasant scar from trying to start a dustbike. She had to have a gouge cut out of,169088.0.html,60287.0.html