class of kindergartners performing a feat

cannot use them as a way to improve their language knowledge. Although they know the English words for the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, millions of American children don’t understand many of the phrases. They proudly recite “…And for Richard,” but they don’t intend to invite Richard. Once, I witnessed a in linguistic mimicry. Their music instructor told them to listen carefully while he sang them a new song. He was amazed when they began to sing the tune along with him, even though they’d never heard it before. The song’s phrases came out of him, and they also came out from the child’s mouths. The five-year-olds could instantly mimic the lyrics and song of the new song, thanks to their tiny brains! Also, did they understand the meanings of the phrases? But not always. It is not always possible to study comprehension robotically. What are the commonalities between Jose, Robin and the other college students? They were all bypass-chanting, not skip-counting.,167220.0.html,58717.0.html